My1s Blog Transparency Policy

Today you get a meta post about how I handle stuff on here. So I like to talk about my opinion about stuff I think might be interesting, some may say "review" but I am not sure whether my ramblings are professional enough for that. anyway I sometimes get stuff for free and often talk about them, so it might be useful to state how I do stuff so stuff is nice and transparent.

Solo V2 Pre-Production First Impression

Today is the end of "claims" but rather a full on as-is review. So as already announced on Twitter, I got hand on a few things and the first one that will get a more or less in-depth review is the Solokeys Solo V2. For Transparency I should say though that I got my Solo V2 for free for testing and stuff, which doesnt change the fact that I am backing it on KS.

Upcoming blog projects

So in the recent days i got some pretty cool things and i am very excited to try them out. Solo V2 early sample Dicekeys beta Uru Card These three things among are currently in testing and all and they will be - potentially also with another thing i am projected to get or maybe two (depends on how hard and expensive it is to buy) - getting features on the blog either as their own posts or as part ...

Solokeys Version 2 - Why it matters

So Solokeys has started their second Kickstarter campaign, after the Solo, we get its second iteration, so let's look at what it has and have a first impression.* *I dont have this yet so take it all with a grain (or some more) of salt, rather than treating it as the absolute truth.

What's what in Metaphoric? #1 Cryptocurrencies

So I like metaphors and I like cryptography, so why not throw together a guide of what's what in Cryptocurrencies to help people understand it batter? Source code style, means terms of cryptocurrencies and bold are what my metaphors to Real Life and stuff I pull out. I think to understand everything and to establish a "lore" in this I am creating this story/guide with the very basics of crypto currencies skip the chapters you already know, but maybe keep ...

Webauthn via NFC/Bluetooth on PC

so I got a fun little new Toy (pics later, it's after 21:00 when writing this and I am LAZY), the Feitian Multipass (K13), which - dont worry - will get its place in the shootout soon enough, but as the Professors in Pokémon always tend to say "Now it's not the time to do that", as I have something of an a bit higher prio to get around. As the heading already says, I got Webauthn Working on PC ...