My1's Crazy Tech Ideas #02: TLSA-Staple

So there is already stapling options for OCSP Responses and Certificate Transparency data (although I expect CT to be embedded in most certs by now rather than being stapled to the TLS response), so couldnt it be possible to also staple the entire TLSA path to a TLS response in order to maybe get an alternative to the absolutely crazy CA System?

My1s Blog Transparency Policy

Today you get a meta post about how I handle stuff on here. So I like to talk about my opinion about stuff I think might be interesting, some may say "review" but I am not sure whether my ramblings are professional enough for that. anyway I sometimes get stuff for free and often talk about them, so it might be useful to state how I do stuff so stuff is nice and transparent.

Solo V2 Pre-Production First Impression

Today is the end of "claims" but rather a full on as-is review. So as already announced on Twitter, I got hand on a few things and the first one that will get a more or less in-depth review is the Solokeys Solo V2. For Transparency I should say though that I got my Solo V2 for free for testing and stuff, which doesnt change the fact that I am backing it on KS.

Upcoming blog projects

So in the recent days i got some pretty cool things and i am very excited to try them out. Solo V2 early sample Dicekeys beta Uru Card These three things among are currently in testing and all and they will be - potentially also with another thing i am projected to get or maybe two (depends on how hard and expensive it is to buy) - getting features on the blog either as their own posts or as part ...

Solokeys Version 2 - Why it matters

So Solokeys has started their second Kickstarter campaign, after the Solo, we get its second iteration, so let's look at what it has and have a first impression.* *I dont have this yet so take it all with a grain (or some more) of salt, rather than treating it as the absolute truth.

What's what in Metaphoric? #1 Cryptocurrencies

So I like metaphors and I like cryptography, so why not throw together a guide of what's what in Cryptocurrencies to help people understand it batter? Source code style, means terms of cryptocurrencies and bold are what my metaphors to Real Life and stuff I pull out. I think to understand everything and to establish a "lore" in this I am creating this story/guide with the very basics of crypto currencies skip the chapters you already know, but maybe keep ...