Fun with Primeauth? Not really :-(

Hi again. Remember when I wrote about Primeauth the pretty promising and intresting authentication service? Well, to be honest, my trust in them dropped a bit. What happened? Well, let's start from the beginning.

Joycons am PC? so gehts! (Update 1.5)

Es haben sich in letzter Zeit in den News Artikel gehäuft die von der PC-Nutzung der Joycons der Nintendo Switch am PC sprachen und dabei gleich erwähnten dass dies nur in der Querhaltung geht (also bspw wenn man einen seiner Joycons an jemand anderen gibt um Multiplayer möglich zu machen). Ich sehe das anders.

Primeauth - Good or Not?

Hi everyone, it's me again. (well who else should it be 🙂 ) a while ago I finally recieved my beta invite for Primeauth, so I'll have to lose some words for it.

Nintendo Switch - My thoughts

Well the Nintendo Switch (I'll just call it Switch from now on for simplicity) is, in my opinion a pretty awesome idea, but its execution has certainly met a lot of controversy, so before I start writing my own thoughts about it, let's review I read on the Internet say about the switch in good and bad ways, don't worry I'll say enough about later: