Nintendo Finally does PayPal!

One thing I have been seriously waiting for quite a while (especially since the debut of the Region-Free Switch) is the option of just paying via Paypal.

Until now nintendo only supported Credit Cards and their Prepaid codecards, which are also common for gifting someone stuff more easily.

the problem is that in more than enough places in this world, creditcards arent really common, also always having to get to some store to get your codecards is annoying, and to top it, online sellers like to add extra charges. There has been a solution for some countries to use Paypal which was a website by paypal which allows you to get (depending where you live) quite a few different giftcards quickly via paypal. but this still meant that you had to first buy the code, and then enter the code and so on, and paypal-gifts wasnt available in japan so I couldnt get japanese codes. I've been using the japanese amazon with a prepaid credit card for a while now, but the delay when transferring the money to the card is annoying, also because of the conversion, there's always something left on it, and the process in total is even more annoying than paypal-gifts.

Well now there's apparently for at least German, Austrian, Swiss (Source) and Japanese (Source) accounts (I need to check for my american account later) the option of just using paypal to charge your account with more money, especially if you dont have/need/want a credit card and especially helpful when you are in another place than your nintendo account (imported 3DS/Wiiu, vacation, or you just are using the region free feature of the switch)


well read ya later, everyone!

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