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Today you get a meta post about how I handle stuff on here.

So I like to talk about my opinion about stuff I think might be interesting, some may say "review" but I am not sure whether my ramblings are professional enough for that. anyway I sometimes get stuff for free and often talk about them, so it might be useful to state how I do stuff so stuff is nice and transparent.

So for starters for any product I get for free no matter really how, I state that I got it for free and how, for example that my second Yubikey 4 Nano is from the ROCA exchange program or that I plain got the G310 free for testing and stuff, or the Idem card which I did get for no cost, but that is in no way related to the manufacturer.

I think many of the things I get for free or otherwise privileged access to, are beta things I generally offered to test and offer feedback, I generally try not to make it look like selling Reviews on my blog and I am not intending to do that.

Anyhow, no matter through which avenue or what which price or state I recieve a product in, my Blog's tagline stays as it is. I am honest as fuck, and depending on how the product is, I can be brutal in my wordings if so needed.

I can give a product a benefit of the doubt if I get what is clearly a testing sample or otherwise unfinished, but that only changes how I look at certain flaws, but doesnt change the fact that I point out flaws I find and if I think they are really bad or at least some things I really dislike, also state that accordingly. In fact sometimes one can see "live reactions" on how stuff goes on my twitter while playing around with stuff, which can sometimes be even more spontaneous and honest, than the blog posts which I try to also be a little diplomatic about.

Regarding Editorial policy, I write stuff almost always on my own, sometimes I give a preview to some people, in rarer cases even the makers of a device I recieved, free or otherwise, in order to give a general look across it in order to at least not write totally wrong stuff and suggestions, (I don't want to be sued for defamation or whatever, lol), but in the end I retain any and all editorial control and my opinion stays my opinion. (there only so far have been some grammar things and that in the case of Token2 I mixed up some model numbers, don't want that to happen, as far as I remember no big changes that matter in the context of the actual opinion)

I am not making money off this blog and I am not really trying to, I generally see it as a hobby (as can be seen by the amount and frequency of posts), and I just do this for fun, I just like rambling around and informing people about stuff I care about.

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