Some interesting FIDO Device "appeared"...

For Starters Happy New Year 2023!

So recently I remembered that there was this pretty rad but kinda expensive password management device called the Mooltipass, after having read about their original and mini models, I was wondering if they are still around and damn are they around... with a new model.

So there now is a Bluetooth version now, which is interesting but also opens up some concerns especially as there now if a battery to worry about, I'll just assume for now that the Wireless data is as well encrypted as it can be within the control of the Mooltipass team.

and while still expensive (likely even more so than the first 2 models due to the added BT and all), it has a feature which makes it a really interesting contender in the FIDO space, as it is a device with a screen supporting the standard, while not costing more than 200€.

Usually dedicated or semi-dedicated FIDO devices dont come with their own screens, however in the Cryptocoin scene U2F apparently took hold pretty well, but FIDO2 kinda did a lot less so, with Ledger having promised FIDO2 coming "soon" for years and Trezor having it on their Model T with the cost varying a lot but as of writing this post still being above 200€, and for the Trezor One it's being kinda planned when they get around unifying the firmware, but who knows when we'll see that.

Having a dedicated screen obviously has its advantages as you can clearly see what is being authorized, and with FIDO2 it is (theoretically) possible to include a "Transaction Authorization" which not only authenticates you as a user on the site you specify, but you can also specifically authorize any action, which would be pretty cool for anything involving asset management stuff like transferring money.

Currently I am still in the process of thinking about getting one, while not sure if I actually will get myself one, however I sent a bunch of questions to the team and I am curious on how they will respond.

I'll likely post about it at one of my places when I get to it.

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