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Some interesting FIDO Device "appeared"...

For Starters Happy New Year 2023! So recently I remembered that there was this pretty rad but kinda expensive password management device called the Mooltipass, after having read about their original and mini models, I was wondering if they are still around and damn are they around... with a new model.

Upcoming blog projects

So in the recent days i got some pretty cool things and i am very excited to try them out. Solo V2 early sample Dicekeys beta Uru Card These three things among are currently in testing and all and they will be - potentially also with another thing i am projected to get or maybe two (depends on how hard and expensive it is to buy) - getting features on the blog either as their own posts or as part ...

Primeauth - Good or Not?

Hi everyone, it's me again. (well who else should it be 🙂 ) a while ago I finally recieved my beta invite for Primeauth, so I'll have to lose some words for it.