Pending Updates to Fido Shootout (Jan14 Edition)

So, I have a few things to update, but since writing it out in the middle in the night isnt awesome I'm just jotting them down, so I can get the news and corrections out as soon as Possible, and put them into the proper Article Later.

  • 3 New Devices to Add
    • Somu
      • basically Solo in small
      • 50 RKs stated and tested
    • Updated Blue Yubi
      • Yubikey-like thing with only FIDO things on, also the individual one I got being on a new firmware for RK management
      • 25 RKs stated, and tested
    • Hypersecu HyperFIDO Pro Mini
      • by FAR the cheapest Fido2 device available so far
      • nothing really stated anywhere
      • no RK management
      • 128 RKs tested
      • borderline indistinguishable from the Normal HyperFIDO Mini (which only has U2F)
  • Corrections to eWBM
    • apparently it does have RK management
      • I was told by them that it doesnt, so how am I supposed to know

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